McKinney’s theme of “unique by nature” is truly embraced in Craig Ranch – where planned parks, trails and greenspace can be found in great abundance.

Van Tuyl Plaza and Veterans Memorial Park in McKinney

A spacious community gathering place for festivals, weekend farmers markets, and holiday events or just meeting friends, Van Tuyl Plaza is home to the Veterans Memorial Park in McKinney, and features a Wall of Honor with the inscribed names of Collin County servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives in defense of our freedom, while it honors all veterans.

Collin McKinney Park

Named after Collin County’s namesake, this unique park is planned to host a replica of the original home of Collin McKinney.

Crape Myrtle Park

As the only site in the world to represent each of the 120 known varieties of crape myrtles, the Crape Myrtle World Collection Park covers seven pristine acres of Craig Ranch.

Millie Cooper Park

This one-acre park has a Ying-Yang design that joins together the urban and suburban aspects of Craig Ranch. A rotunda and open green space along with beautiful landscaping is matched with a treed, grid design with granite pathways and benches perfect for a quick stroll or picnic lunch.

K-9 Corral Dog Park

The one-acre dog park includes both a small dog area and a large dog area, drinking fountains for both human and four-legged visitors, double-fenced access points, and a mulch ground cover verses the grass you see in most dog parks.

Rowlett Creek Park

This secluded hideaway hosts 30 acres of trees, flowers and trails along the winding white-rock Rowlett Creek in Craig Ranch North at 4200 Big Fork Trail. Play structure, swings, pavilion, hike and bike trails.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper Park

With a half-mile rubberized track centered in a beautifully wooded setting, this respite makes it easy to get fit while enjoying nature’s purest serenity.

Throckmorton Park

Offering an abundance of open greenspace in the center of The Settlement, Throckmorton Park is the perfect spot for pickup football games, picnicking or walking the dog.


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